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RYOBI 3302M    RYOBI 3302H
13 x 18 Portrait Format 2-Color Offset Press



If you're looking for Digital Compatibility
Plus simple, Fast, Multi-Color Printing...
The answer is in the versatile features of the RYOBI 3302H

Leaflet, postcard and envelope printing is increasingly becoming multi-color, plus in recent years, the trend toward digital printing is moving even faster.

The  RYOBI 3302H A3 -Size Portrait Format 2-Color Offset Press with a continuous dampening system has the agility to meet the needs of today's rapidly evolving printing market. The 3302H is based on the RYOBI 3304H A3-Size Portrait Format 4-Color Offset Press, a machine which has already gained a reputation for superior reliability and performance. The 3302H is equipped with the RYOBI SuperDampener Continuous Dampening System to provide a stable supply of dampening solution, as well as a spring-tension plate clamp system that readily accommodates both metal plates and polyester-based plates output from computer-to-plate systems. In addition, a double-diameter impression cylinder provides stable registration accuracy for consistently excellent printing quality. Plus, full consideration was given to operator comfort with lever-free operation and the optional RYOBI PCS-F Printing Control System that enables easy operation and lessens make-ready time. 

Designed to meet customers' need for digital compatibility, plus fast, simple, multi-color capabilities, the RYOBI 3302H offers the perfect solution.

  • RYOBI SuperDampener Continuous Dampening System
  • Satellite V-shaped 5-cylinder system
  • Universal feeder
  • Delivery side centralized operation panel
  • Convenient production button
  • Safety features
  • Blanket cleaning devices (option)
  • Features to shorten make-ready time
  • Easy image adjustments
  • Paper size change button
  • Envelope feeder (available from Alpha Engineering, Inc.)
  • Cutting edge capabilities for computer-to-plate systems
  • RYOBI PCS-F Ink Fountain Key Remote Control (option)
  • Labor-saving color adjustments
  • Using pre-press data reduces time and effort in making color adjustments

Ryobi 3202H and 3202M Specifications:
Call or email us for literature with all specifications.

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