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RYOBI 3200 Series
RYOBI 3200CD and RYOBI 3200MCD
13 x 18 Single-Color Offset Press

Simpler Operation
Even Better Performance

The RYOBI 3200CD and RYOBI 3200MCD are already synonymous with high performance in an A3 size single-color offset press - have now been upgraded with newer, more advanced features.

Based on the solid RYOBI 3200 Series, these new models increase the maximum printing area to accommodate a much wider range of jobs. Plus, an easy vertical image micro-adjustment device and a photocell type impression ON/OFF device improve operability and reliability even further.

The RYOBI 3200CD comes equipped with Ryobi's Aquamagic integrated ink and water flow system, while the RYOBI 3200MCD features a molleton dampening system. Both choices deliver the high productivity you need for an era of sophisticated, small-lot offset printing.

  • Wider Maximum Printing Area
  • A Choice of Two Dampening Systems
  • Photocell Type Impression ON/OFF Device
  • Easy Vertical Image Micro-Adjustment Device
  • Convenient Operation Panel
  • Diagonal Image Adjustment Clamp

Main Standard Accessories

  • Double sheet detector
  • Paper jam detector (for blanket cylinder)
  • Preset repeat counter (5-digit)
  • Total counter (5-digit)
  • Vertical image micro-adjustment device
  • Delivery jam detector
  • Automatic water ductor ON/OFF control device (3200MCD)
  • Automatic ink ductor ON/OFF control device
  • Crank handle vertical paper guide
  • Diagonal image adjustment device (on plate clamp)
  • Delivery table dolly lower limit switch
  • Deliver air blower
  • Safety covers
  • Ink roller cleanup attachment
  • Master setting guide
  • Photocell type impression ON/OFF device
  • Additional delivery table dolly


Optional Accessories

  • Blanket cleaning device
  • Envelope feeder
  • Card guide
  • Skip feed device (double image 
    function type)
  • Tape inserter
  • Static eliminator
  • Powder spray device
  • Back blower
  • Grand total counter
  • Star-wheel type rotary guide
  • 4 additional ink rollers
  • Super Aquamagic system (3200CD)
  • Multi- size paper pile board
  • Oil pan
  • Blanket with aluminum bar

Ryobi 3200CD/MCD Specifications:
Call or email us for literature with all specifications.

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